Line Dancing

COMPULSORY QUESTIONS: All candidates will be asked to:- explain the origins of Country and Western/Line Dancing, know the rules of Line Dance Etiquette, define Poise, explain how to start to music, and show their knowledge of the IDTA medal system.

Candidates will be assessed on the ability to read and understand scripts. For this, the Examiner will supply a script which the candidate will be required to study and teach. Candidate’s choice of music will be taken into consideration. Appearance, voice projection and the ability to create a good class atmosphere will be of vital importance. Knowledge of a simple Mixer Dance will be asked such as Wild Wild West. A good line dance stance and styling must be shown throughout. Student, Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship will include an assessment of the candidate’s portfolio.


  1. A simple one wall dance with no turns.
  2. A one walk dance with turns in the choreography
  3. A simple two walk dance for beginners
  4. A four wall dance
  5. A dance in cha cha cha tempo if not included in the above.
  6. A dance in waltz tempo if not included in the above.
  7. A dance following current modern trends including starting a class to music.

THEORY AND DEFINITIONS: a knowledge of line dance, Posture/Poise, Tempo, Time Signature, Basic Rhythm, Counting in Beats and Bars, Routine, Walls, Accent, Balance, Rhythmical Expression, Home, Centre, Clockwise, Anticlockwise.

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